I am currently writing...

  • ALL SYNAPSES FIRING, a young adult sci-fi mecha novel.

    Born with no legs and half an arm, Sigma Kleiborne tells everyone she meets she wouldn't trade it for the world. Trained to operate machinery by intent alone while other toddlers learned to walk with clumsy enthusiasm, her first growth spurt saw her fitted with custom prosthetics keyed to her natural instinct and reflexes.

    But what do you do when you're humanity's first cyborg and banned from every competitive sport in at school for having an unfair advantage? The same thing every self-respecting high schooler bored off their ass would do:

    Get good at video games.

  • WE BURY HEROES, a superpowered crime novel.

    When Cerulean, the city of La Soledad's beloved heroine, dies in superpowered gang bust gone wrong, Grant Villanueva is over the moon. An ethically bankrupt investigative journalist making his living writing hatchet jobs uncovering the real identity of deceased superheroes, one hero's tragedy is just Grant's next sensationalist cash cow.

    As he peels back the mask to see what lies behind, he finds his scoop only scrapes the tip of the iceberg. Jackpot.

  • THE CORPSE BRIGADE, a young adult fantasy novel.

    Synopsis forthcoming, pending revision.

Note: Please direct all inquiries regarding my novels to cjwrites [at] prosthes [dot] is.