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03.07.2018: my latest bone-themed bookstore haul

On my most recent and sorely belated excursion to the local Barnes and Noble, I found myself with a hankering for young adult fantasy after a bout of editing author C. Ashwinne's work THE GRIMOIRE'S HEIR. The two of us took a trip down and we spoke at length on the subject of dust jacket synopses and gorgeous covers, scoping out the literary agents who repped these magnificent works. In the end, we left with Tomi Adeyemi's much-acclaimed CHILDREN OF BLOOD AND BONE, as well as THE BONE WITCH, Rin Chupeco's first installation in the titular series, which dug its skeletal fingers into my eye sockets and yanked me over for a closer read with the tagline shown in the image below.

Though I am unfortunately mired in the most boring part of academia, writing about the things I've researched rather than researching, I'm very much so looking forward to shotgunning both of these books in a sleepless blitzkrieg, because the initial two chapters of CHILDREN OF BLOOD AND BONE have already whet my ravenous appetite for excellent fiction, all the more starved after months of reading bland journal papers in the passive voice. Stay tuned within the following month for more detailed thoughts on these works, but don't wait for 'em to check them out yourself.

CHILDREN OF BLOOD AND BONE and THE BONE WITCH can be found at many sources such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Notably, THE BONE WITCH's sequel, THE HEART FORGER, releases on 03/20. However, Barnes and Noble has made it available online and at local bookstores, ignoring the scheduled release date. I would ask that you show courtesy to Rin and her excellent work by preordering the sequel, or waiting until the true release date to pick it up. This practice by Barnes and Noble is disappointing, particularly in light of the fact that releasing books prior to their market date is detrimental to the ever-so-crucial first week sales of a novel.

Cover art/design in this post by Rich Deas and Jeff Miller, respectively.