I am currently editing the following works...

  • THE GRIMOIRE'S HEIR, by C. Ashwinne, a young adult urban fantasy novel.

    Good news: Rae Fairclough learns her estranged father is on his deathbed.
    Better news: The magical power he used to abuse her is now her inheritance.
    Bad news: She's also inheriting the demon who twisted him into a monster.

  • FREAKTOWN, by Eduardo Aguirre, a young adult superhero novel.

    Xavier Combs is an aspiring rapper, a high schooler trying to fit into a high school scene dominated by color gangs, and Impel, a vigilante with a lance of green energy more concerned with his own justice than doing good after his ex-girlfriend betrays him in a gang initiation. His mother's words of caution echo in his mind – "Choose your battles," she'd told him time and again – and he takes her advice to heart.

    He's choosing all of them.

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