prosthetic engineer.

Expertise in:
locomotive biomechanics,
lower-extremity prostheses,
multisensory integration,
bio-inspired soft robotics,
gait and stance prediction,
and recurrent neural nets.

MSME, UA as of 05.2018.
Advisor: Dr. Xiangrong Shen

02.07.2018: recurrent neural network turtle namer

Many thanks to Janelle Shane for helping me out with optimizing my tensorflow char-rnn hyperparameters. In her honor, check out these turtle names that the neural network produced, and thanks to my friend Ellie for suggesting turtles and providing a database of each known turtle and their names.

bland river turtle
real leaf turtle
blog turtle
chinese flapping turtle
raver turtle
narrated turtle
painted bod turtle
halal tortoise
slapping turtle
river-eating turtle
turtle-eating turtle
bog borter
rude tortoise
escaping turtle
sorrow bad tortoise
Sharnan's mad tortoies
banana slider
Alborgen's porpose
Indian fortoise
lather slipper

There weren’t as many turtles as I had hoped, but the uniformity in the names (it helps that nearly every turtle name ends in ‘turtle’) meant that my dataset ended up being reasonably sufficient. I was able to get turtle names that actually sounded within the realm of possibility, less realistic turtles, some particularly alarming turtles, and some non-turtles! (How did a porpoise slip in there?)

Sortine's nay turtle
Iscog's bap turtple
Hilan's slapper
Blaba's tortoise
Ann's tortoise
Slake's bosk turtle
Sanasa's banded turtle
Masator's soft-shell turtle

Most interestingly the neural net tried to guess what a reasonable name for a person might be, extrapolating from all of the entries in the turtle database that were like “So-and-so’s turtle”. Some of the names it came up with for hypothetical people who might have had a turtle named after them were pretty decent, others, not so much.


Currently writing:
YA sci-fi novel inspired by
my work in prosthetics,
the need for women and
PoC in all STEM disciplines,
and giant frickin' mechas.

superpowered adult novel
about faces behind masks,
secrets behind identities,
and crime behind capes.

a YA fantasy novel with an
important lesson at heart:
a family can be a crew of
six thieving kids, a dog, and
the vessel of a dead god.