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Welcome to my website. For details regarding my research and academic contributions, see the sidebar on the left. For details regarding my work as an author and editor, please request the following via email directed towards cjchou [at] prosthes [dot] is.
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Apologies for lack of update. Recent events have kept me busy, e.g. getting married, thesis defense, hubris of scheduling both events within a week of each other. Things are going well, both in terms of academics and editing. Upcoming projects involve finalizing edits of a client's manuscript in preparation for querying, capturing the kinematic and force distribution data of esoteric full-conscious non-biphasic bipedal locomotive actions (e.g. ballet dancing, martial arts kata), and others. Lots of fun. Will try to keep this site updated with relevant information. Soon to be reading recently released novel Emergency Contact, which comes highly recommended.

best regards,
cj chou.

recurrent neural network turtle names

Many thanks to Janelle Shane for helping me out with optimizing my tensorflow char-rnn hyperparameters. In her honor, check out these turtle names that the neural network produced, and thanks to my friend Ellie for suggesting turtles and providing a database of each known turtle and their names.

bland river turtle
real leaf turtle
blog turtle
chinese flapping turtle
raver turtle
narrated turtle
painted bod turtle
halal tortoise
slapping turtle
river-eating turtle
turtle-eating turtle
bog borter
rude tortoise